Big Daddy’s 80’s Club.


Time:9 am.

Event: None! No contests at Big Daddy’s.

DJ According to SL Posting: Fluffy

Host According to SL  Posting: Kull

Name of Club:Big Daddy’s 80’s Club.

Music styles: 80’s rock.



Sorry about the break in action loyal readers! RL has a way of sneaking up on me, and when it does…SNAP! But, let’s get to the important stuff.

Teleporting in, I have to admit I got irked a little…and to no fault of the club. Kids, when you TP into an area, walk a few steps forward. If you get bumped a bit, deal with it. But to stand RIGHT at the TP spot and leave people flipping in the air…pure asinine. Especially as there’s no flight at Big Daddy’s sim. Not that that ever stops me, but still…it’s the principle.

Loading…VERY slow. I see gray people…lot’s of them. Usually this is due to superhuge crowds, scripts, billions of prims, or a combination. From the mass of solid green on the mini map, it’s the first. And THAT tells me I’m entering a very special club.

The decor is timely! It’s based on the current Olympics, which is on everyone’s mind. Out front, some sales boards, but nothing outlandish. It looks sponsored, clean and viable. Also, teleporting in, with crowds like these, I can tell they need an area just to let you rez. And it’s a straight shot into the club. Thank you Big Daddy’s for caring! Great job.

As I walk in I hear Prince’s Little Red Corvette. Sexy. I like that. That gives me a vibe of feeling good. Let’s face it…His Purple Highness of the Weird symbol is one way to make you feel good about your day. And the crowd? Mixture of older named and non surnamed. I like that. At first I saw zombiepeople. The ones that stand there and don’t DO anything. Later that all changed, but I’ll get to that.

The DJ has this Southern drawl, but is very clear. A little staticish feedback on the mic, but I can’t fault that. Happens to the best of us. The music slides right into the Eurythmics, and I that sensual meloncholy hits with silky notes to heighten the experience. The music is clear, the DJ did NO voiceover, and this is a FANTASTIC experience. VERY professional!

The dance floor is GIANT. THIS place nailed it. A little seating, but nothing over the top. (Why DO they put chairs in dance clubs? I know ONE person that uses them when his wife isn’t there to dance with him. I find that sweet. Sick. Kinda weird. But sweet. But he’s ONE.) And as I type that, I look over, and there’s a guy in a tux sitting in a chair. Ok. I’ll shut up on that one.

The club is hopping, but the people are really quiet. I have a feeling that there’s a lot of voice being used in private IM’s. Quit that people! You’ll GO BLIND! Just kidding. It kinda makes it a bit creepy, but that’s SL in a nutshell. Won’t call it the most animated crowd though. AO’s never count in that.

The club is clearly defined, and when I got up to the actual club dance floor by the DJ and Hostess, I was greeted cheerfully. With a crowd this large, that is an accomplishment. This is a place that has it nailed. And as I closed in past the outer dancefloor…conversation EXPLODED. Tonnes of people chattering and having a great time. AND…not choked to death with spam or distracting gestures.

Folks…seriously. THIS is that club.

I have to admit I don’t think I have ever been here. And that was the weird part. I know I’ve seen the adverts, but I will admit to being a contest junky at times. However Big Daddy’s, if you want a place to hangout with family, bring a few friends, or meet new ones…I cannot imagine a better place to go to. This is a club I never knew was going to be around the corner, and one that I have been looking for. Giant floors, great conversation, and professional staff. I am not just happy to be here, but I am totally impressed.

Although contests help draw in crowds, they also foment ire. How many times have you popped in, figured, “Ok…my chances are great…” then have some poorly dressed noobwaffle that didn’t even say hello to the Host or DJ win because they TP’d in 12 people that looked just like them? Here is a place that it’s just not going to happen. And that, especially for players that have been on for some time, is a great sensation. Not to mention, how many times can you see the same Best in (Insert one of 20 words we’ve all seen a million times.) This provides freshness without the need for the draw of contests. And that is formula I can live with.

By way, danceballs for couples are all over the place. The main dance ball? Right where it should be, above the stage. Sploder available. Easy to find. And the dances? I didn’t play with all of them, I’ll admit it. But the ones I did? FRESH. The people on the floor looked alive, and looked like they were real. No weird dances that I’m seeing so far…no moves I’ve seen 100 million times. The dances are great, and they’re blended very well. This is that hallmark for attention that always impresses me.


————————————————————— Score Card:

Greetings: 5 of 5

Friendliness: 4 of 5 (Had to ding the zombie entrance people.)

Music: 5 of 5

Atmosphere: 5 of 5

Dances:5 of 5

Decoration:5 of 5

Size of Club:5 of 5

Overall Experience: 5 of 5.

I absolutely will return to this club, and I’ll admit this may end up a new hangout. I’m beyond impressed with this club. THANK YOU BIG DADDY’S!!!!



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