The GSpot Club

Such potential.

Beautiful layout.

Chim in the floor

The unmarked white ball is the single’s dance ball.

Time:28 July 2012 4pm
Event: Ripped and Torn
DJ According to SL Posting: Aiyana
Host According to SL Posting: Alicia
Name of Club: The GSpot Club
Music styles: 90’s Dance remixes

Well, sometimes I get in the mood, so I decided to hit the GSpot. Mind out of the gutter readers, it’s a club. And the first thing I can say is when I started to rez, I was rewarded with a nice sandy reception. Pet Peeve # 311: When you send out a note card, make it to your club’s entrance. It’s one of those things that completely and fully pisses me off. I realize it was only a few steps, but it shows a lack of professionalism I really do NOT like. I want a club to show they care about me being there. This dear readers is the attention to detail I’m doing the blog for. This wasn’t done like The Player’s Club to give the ambiance of an LA nightclub, this was just someone not putting forth the effort to put you in front of the club.

Took me a bit to find the dance ball. It’s a chim, and it’s located in the floor. No, it’s a dance chim ball someone stuck in the floor. Le sigh…well, I started in a good mood.

I was greeted in a timely fashion, by the hostess and the…well I don’t know who that person is, but they said Hello. It’s almost 10 after 4, and I don’t even believe the hostess is in yet. And I must have nailed it for the owner to say, [16:08] Sin Xubersnak-Neox (sinful.xubersnak): ok where the hell is everyone.

This club has a lot of folks with the same last name, which usually means family. Family groups at clubs usually mean two things. You have a super loyal draw. That’s always a great thing to see. But it sometimes can become a hindrance to getting new people to show up, because it’s a family club. I’m all for family, and I loved going out with mine to different clubs and tearing up the dance floor. But if it’s rooted IN the club, it can actually chase away newer clients. I know, I know…it’s a double edged sword. At the same time I was handed a gift card for Latex Station. You have to call that a win for just showing up. I love gift cards, and sponsership is key to running great club events.

The club itself has an awesome layout. The dance area is large, open, and very beautiful. Full use of surrounded scenery, tropical setting, and I’m going to be honest, that’s a big draw to me on it’s own merit. It’s got a great sunset on the water view, and I kept finding myself staring off at the waves and having those 5 second daydreams. Beautiful.

The dances were…ok. Some of them look like revamped old dances from way way back, and some look new….ish… They’re dances. But I’m not really thrilled with what’s there. Definately could use an upgrade and revamp. Not to mention, they don’t blend together well.

The gestures are a little out of hand here. Why people still have some of them I’ll never understand. Party whistle, war horn, and that stupid Ho ho ho crap make me shut my sounds off almost immediately. They were great when they were new. New has wore off…time to put them in that special, “Do not open until after Doomsday.” file. Or, as I like to call it, “Trashcan.”

The DJ, I’m going to give it up to Mr. Vlad Easterwood. He’s got a great voice, the music was clear, and he didn’t voice-over, much. What he did was threaten the crowd with a song if they didn’t get enough people on the board. I do not like voice over, but the DJ was trying to play the crowd. I’m so ping-pong on that one. But, rules are rules, and that earns a big ding. The tunes were made to dance to, and that’s a big plus to me. If you’re dancing…in a club…and people keep playing Pink Floyd, it seems kinda dumb to dance to. Not knocking PF either, dear readers. I love to throw on Dark Side and flick the lights off, surrounded by my fave snacks too. But, when I want to dance, I want dance music. Simple math. But he pulled a set out on short notice, and that’s the sign of a good DJ.

They had one dancer when I came to the club. I’m not really going to cover the dancer much, but there was a decided lack of enthusiasm for her trade. It just didn’t feel like it was really important that she was even here. I think every female in SL has done it at least once if you’ve played longer than a year. You remember right? That moment before you spent cash to get L-Cash? When you were thinking, “Hey, I’ll just get a job…” and you find the one you figure to be the easiest and low and behold it’s not easy in ANY way… But there’s a nuance to it. You want to be flirty, fun, and RELEVANT. Pick those that stray from the herd and pull them into the mix. Get them up to your pole. MAKE them want you, and in turn, want to be THERE. Canned responses and the, “I’d rather be shopping,” mindset does not a great dance make. And I couldn’t help but feel the responses were more forced than flirty.

Conversation was sporadic. The club goers seemed animated in slight waves, then would go back to a silent lull. I did get stared at by a guy, but he didn’t say anything. Fear not readers, I have pepper spray. It’s a risk I’m willing to take for your entertainment.

Don’t get me wrong, the club has potential. It really does. And mind, this is an established club. But it’s like someone really had a dream here, and then near the end of it said, “Meh. I’m gonna farm Meeroo’s,” and gave up.

Everyone’s allowed a bad night I guess. Every club is going to have an off night, and maybe I just hit one of them. But, there’s some real lack here at the GSpot. A few things would help, and a bit more attention to the detail. It’s a good club, but it’ll take a bit more effort to get a good rating unfortunately. For now, not a place I’d recommend going. Maybe I’ll return at some point and see if it’s gotten better, but as of tonight, no thanks.

Sorry GSpot. Didn’t even make me sweat a little. 😦

Score Card:
Greetings: 2 of 5 The host and DJ for an event need to be on time.
Friendliness: 2 of 5 Animate the crowd! Get them excited!
Music: 2 of 5 – DO NOT TALK OVER MUSIC
Atmosphere: 1 of 5 I felt the icy winds of apathy…
Dances: 2 of 5 Update, update, update!
Decoration: 4 of 5
Size of Club: 3 of 5
Overall Experience: 2 of 5. Potential was here! Need to get MOTIVATED!


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