The Player’s Club

Amazing atmosphere

Beautiful layout, and great music

Now THIS is eyecatching.

An overhead view of what I saw when I teleported in.

Time:24 July 2012 5:25

Event:Best in Jeans

DJ According to SL Posting: DJ Britni

Host According to SL  Posting: Markjoe

Name of Club:The Player’s Club

Music styles: Urban Dance

Solo Experience

When first teleporting to the club a few things struck me. 1) VERY cool entryway. I was blown away with all the neat cars out front, and it made an impression on me. 2) It’s HUGE. This club is one of the larger type clubs. 3) ZERO lag. There had to be 11 people and a few hundred scripts running. ZERO lag.

Then…I got a TP while still in the parking lot. I didn’t take it, but the host had sent it so I didn’t have to walk in. Again, I give that one a plus. Gotta love customer service! The host greeted me on entering immediately, and seemed rather attentive. I liked that. It made me feel like I was welcomed to the club, and there’s definitely a great feel to the place.

The club inside is beautiful. I’m a sucker for purple, and this drew my attention in every way possible. My first 3 problems however really dented my experience here.

First it took me awhile to find the dance ball. In the air above the dance floor, there’s 4 ‘sploder balls, the couple dancer, a trivia ball, and of course a dance ball. After trying to decipher which was which with all the neon word spam, it took me a bit. If I haven’t mentioned by now, I really don’t like it when I feel the dances are hidden. It’s irksome, and if I was on a slower system I’d have been really irritated. (Those that know me, know that patience is something I don’t do well.) Secondly, the DJ did something that really bothers me. She talked in the middle of a song…any radio personality will tell you…BIG no-no. And it drives me INSANE to hear that.

Those things however didn’t crash my mood. The club is amazing. The music was great for shakin’ ass to, and I’ve got to hand whoever designed the club really put a lot of care in the decor and feel.

The dances are fresh and feel great. They matched the music very well, and weren’t stale in their movements. Also, they were blended well. Whether intentionally or accidentally I don’t know, but I have to say I liked how they worked together.

DJ Britni was playing tunes that sounded clear and crisp. Her music came through with really high fidelity, and I have to give it to her on having it all blend well. She’s got a great ability as a DJ, just work on the talking parts and I think she’ll be one of SL’s better DJ’s by far.

…and I hate it when I get torn coming to a great club like this. But after tipping the DJ and Host who thanked me immediately, I looked up at the contest board. On it, the Host…

….The prize money is split amongst winners. Seeing the host’s name on there is again a club etiquette no-no. Employees shouldn’t ever be allowed on a club’s board. Period. Off duty or on…it’s in very bad form.

I joined the contest, and expected nothing. Most clubs of this type are usually entrenched with really tight clientel. It’s normal. Clubs gain regulars and that’s sort of the point isn’t it? But when clubs gain a group that always wins contests or when you see obvious cheating, something should be done. I’m just being honest here. But then some clubs are more fun for not having events at all. Ah well, it’ll take someone smarter than me to figure that one out. Perving is always a bit of fun. Sometimes I will see something I like as I cam through, different hair styles or clothing, so I’ve been known to ask if I like something. And I got a vote! YAY! Didn’t win a giant jackpot, but won something! Wild! But at the same time, still not happy with the host being on there.

In total, great club and one that’s been around for awhile. I like the way it’s layout is, as it can accomodate really large groups. (Family sized packs of people…gosh miss those days.) But it’s even got a bit of seating around the edges for folks that aren’t into dancing. (It’s always the tough guys and loner types, but why do they go to clubs anyway? Never did figure that out.)  But, if you get a chance, head out to The Player’s Club! It’s worth it to witness the place, and I think you’ll find an enjoyable experience out of it.

Score Card: Greetings: 3 of 5
Friendliness: 2 of 5 (Very quiet.)
Music: 2 of 5 (Would have been higher except for talking over those tunes!)
Atmosphere:4 of 5
Dances:4 of 5
Decoration:4 of 5
Size of Club:4 of 5
Contest: 1 of 5. (No employees on the board! No no no!) Overall Experience:3 of 5.

A few fine points, and it would have easily been a 4. Keep working on it, Players!


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