The Furry Event

No matter the species, everyone was great fun!

Amazingly Friendly

A great club, and a great experience!

Time:4:00 pm 26 July 2012
Event:Furry Event
DJ According to SL Posting:N/A
Host According to SL Posting: Avery
Name of Club: Hustlerz
Music styles: Rock – Mix

Entering into the sim, it was quiet but I showed up a few minutes early and the club was still setting up for the event. As I came into the club, a VERY friendly dancer kissed me hello, which was disconcerting, but I have to give up to friendly on that. It wasn’t vulgar in anyway, so I wasn’t that thrown by it. Still, I’ll be honest it did stun me a bit. I can’t remember going into a club with dancers in a very long time. So, maybe I’m rusty.

The club DJ arrived – Thor Roxley, and started his set with some Concrete Blond. I always like to hear some really good tunes as an event starts, and this was a great way to start off. The people arrived in actually very quick succession, and if I can, it was one of the friendliest crowds I have EVER seen. Not to mention the quick response from dancer and hostess, (Sharowin hosting at the moment,) I’m stunned by the level of inclusion. Everyone here chipper, happy…and the feeling I got here was great.

Gestures were lively, but minimal. Nothing loud and obnoxious, just the type of gestures to pump a crowd or define a character, and for that I was thankful. The screaming HO HO HO is one of the most annoying gestures I’ve heard to date, and for some reason popular. But there wasn’t any of that here. On that, a HUGE win.

Finding the dance balls, easy. Everything was open enough to dance, but spread out enough to find it from everything else. It was big enough to not be overly cluttered, and that’s a huge plus.

The dance area was smallish for a club this size. It’s also recessed into the floor. Plenty of dancer stages and poles, but it needs a bit more room. If you had 15 people in the dance area, I think you’d be animating into each other. I know there’s a mall outside, but that’s the building itself is large enough. Maybe a change to the staircase or something, open it a bit. It would certainly give it room for larger crowds.

The decor was sort of bland. The stages and areas are marble, and with blue and pink neon poles, it seems to be more of an eyesore than a blended club. “If it glows, mute everything around it.”

Most of the clients and staff were sporting surnames. Always a plus, but it gave me confidence that the others would be very well behaved. The one thing that got on my nerves a bit was the VIP tag offered without provocation. I still believe tags promote nothing, but I’m limited on group space as it is. I always keep one…for just such occasions. Take a wild guess as to what happens to it when I leave? Same thing 99% of your club members will do with it. If you want them informed and involved, let me join a subscribe-o-matic. Besides, to shut it off, I have to come back! 😉

Ah well, enough soap boxing. The music choices were great. The music was also clean, and although there was an advert for the mall thrown in, it made it sound more like a radio station. Nothing screaming, nothing horrible, and then RIGHT back to the tunes. That made me smile. No talk overs…clear, concise, and professional.

The dances weren’t all old, nor all new. There is a touch of staleness to some of them, but they’re using the better of the older dances, and a few newer types mixed in for giggles. Didn’t see anything that stood out though.

And the overall sensation I got was a club that is professionally done, professionally run, and professionally maintained. It’s got a feeling of a real and very successful club. With friendly staff, and a great DJ, I feel honestly compelled to return. The feeling is one of welcome enjoyment, if a touch sterile. It’s a solid club, and I’d recommend this club to anyone.

Score Card:
Greetings: 3 of 5
Friendliness: 5 of 5
Music: 3 of 5
Atmosphere: 2 of 5
Dances: 3 of 5
Decoration: 2 of 5
Size of Club: 3 of 5
Contest: NA of 5 – Just wanted to see the club in action.
Overall Experience: 3 of 5.

Again, a few simple changes, and this club would definitely rate a 4 in a blink.


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