Big Daddy’s 80’s Club.


Time:9 am.

Event: None! No contests at Big Daddy’s.

DJ According to SL Posting: Fluffy

Host According to SL  Posting: Kull

Name of Club:Big Daddy’s 80’s Club.

Music styles: 80’s rock.



Sorry about the break in action loyal readers! RL has a way of sneaking up on me, and when it does…SNAP! But, let’s get to the important stuff.

Teleporting in, I have to admit I got irked a little…and to no fault of the club. Kids, when you TP into an area, walk a few steps forward. If you get bumped a bit, deal with it. But to stand RIGHT at the TP spot and leave people flipping in the air…pure asinine. Especially as there’s no flight at Big Daddy’s sim. Not that that ever stops me, but still…it’s the principle.

Loading…VERY slow. I see gray people…lot’s of them. Usually this is due to superhuge crowds, scripts, billions of prims, or a combination. From the mass of solid green on the mini map, it’s the first. And THAT tells me I’m entering a very special club.

The decor is timely! It’s based on the current Olympics, which is on everyone’s mind. Out front, some sales boards, but nothing outlandish. It looks sponsored, clean and viable. Also, teleporting in, with crowds like these, I can tell they need an area just to let you rez. And it’s a straight shot into the club. Thank you Big Daddy’s for caring! Great job.

As I walk in I hear Prince’s Little Red Corvette. Sexy. I like that. That gives me a vibe of feeling good. Let’s face it…His Purple Highness of the Weird symbol is one way to make you feel good about your day. And the crowd? Mixture of older named and non surnamed. I like that. At first I saw zombiepeople. The ones that stand there and don’t DO anything. Later that all changed, but I’ll get to that.

The DJ has this Southern drawl, but is very clear. A little staticish feedback on the mic, but I can’t fault that. Happens to the best of us. The music slides right into the Eurythmics, and I that sensual meloncholy hits with silky notes to heighten the experience. The music is clear, the DJ did NO voiceover, and this is a FANTASTIC experience. VERY professional!

The dance floor is GIANT. THIS place nailed it. A little seating, but nothing over the top. (Why DO they put chairs in dance clubs? I know ONE person that uses them when his wife isn’t there to dance with him. I find that sweet. Sick. Kinda weird. But sweet. But he’s ONE.) And as I type that, I look over, and there’s a guy in a tux sitting in a chair. Ok. I’ll shut up on that one.

The club is hopping, but the people are really quiet. I have a feeling that there’s a lot of voice being used in private IM’s. Quit that people! You’ll GO BLIND! Just kidding. It kinda makes it a bit creepy, but that’s SL in a nutshell. Won’t call it the most animated crowd though. AO’s never count in that.

The club is clearly defined, and when I got up to the actual club dance floor by the DJ and Hostess, I was greeted cheerfully. With a crowd this large, that is an accomplishment. This is a place that has it nailed. And as I closed in past the outer dancefloor…conversation EXPLODED. Tonnes of people chattering and having a great time. AND…not choked to death with spam or distracting gestures.

Folks…seriously. THIS is that club.

I have to admit I don’t think I have ever been here. And that was the weird part. I know I’ve seen the adverts, but I will admit to being a contest junky at times. However Big Daddy’s, if you want a place to hangout with family, bring a few friends, or meet new ones…I cannot imagine a better place to go to. This is a club I never knew was going to be around the corner, and one that I have been looking for. Giant floors, great conversation, and professional staff. I am not just happy to be here, but I am totally impressed.

Although contests help draw in crowds, they also foment ire. How many times have you popped in, figured, “Ok…my chances are great…” then have some poorly dressed noobwaffle that didn’t even say hello to the Host or DJ win because they TP’d in 12 people that looked just like them? Here is a place that it’s just not going to happen. And that, especially for players that have been on for some time, is a great sensation. Not to mention, how many times can you see the same Best in (Insert one of 20 words we’ve all seen a million times.) This provides freshness without the need for the draw of contests. And that is formula I can live with.

By way, danceballs for couples are all over the place. The main dance ball? Right where it should be, above the stage. Sploder available. Easy to find. And the dances? I didn’t play with all of them, I’ll admit it. But the ones I did? FRESH. The people on the floor looked alive, and looked like they were real. No weird dances that I’m seeing so far…no moves I’ve seen 100 million times. The dances are great, and they’re blended very well. This is that hallmark for attention that always impresses me.


————————————————————— Score Card:

Greetings: 5 of 5

Friendliness: 4 of 5 (Had to ding the zombie entrance people.)

Music: 5 of 5

Atmosphere: 5 of 5

Dances:5 of 5

Decoration:5 of 5

Size of Club:5 of 5

Overall Experience: 5 of 5.

I absolutely will return to this club, and I’ll admit this may end up a new hangout. I’m beyond impressed with this club. THANK YOU BIG DADDY’S!!!!



The GSpot Club

Such potential.

Beautiful layout.

Chim in the floor

The unmarked white ball is the single’s dance ball.

Time:28 July 2012 4pm
Event: Ripped and Torn
DJ According to SL Posting: Aiyana
Host According to SL Posting: Alicia
Name of Club: The GSpot Club
Music styles: 90’s Dance remixes

Well, sometimes I get in the mood, so I decided to hit the GSpot. Mind out of the gutter readers, it’s a club. And the first thing I can say is when I started to rez, I was rewarded with a nice sandy reception. Pet Peeve # 311: When you send out a note card, make it to your club’s entrance. It’s one of those things that completely and fully pisses me off. I realize it was only a few steps, but it shows a lack of professionalism I really do NOT like. I want a club to show they care about me being there. This dear readers is the attention to detail I’m doing the blog for. This wasn’t done like The Player’s Club to give the ambiance of an LA nightclub, this was just someone not putting forth the effort to put you in front of the club.

Took me a bit to find the dance ball. It’s a chim, and it’s located in the floor. No, it’s a dance chim ball someone stuck in the floor. Le sigh…well, I started in a good mood.

I was greeted in a timely fashion, by the hostess and the…well I don’t know who that person is, but they said Hello. It’s almost 10 after 4, and I don’t even believe the hostess is in yet. And I must have nailed it for the owner to say, [16:08] Sin Xubersnak-Neox (sinful.xubersnak): ok where the hell is everyone.

This club has a lot of folks with the same last name, which usually means family. Family groups at clubs usually mean two things. You have a super loyal draw. That’s always a great thing to see. But it sometimes can become a hindrance to getting new people to show up, because it’s a family club. I’m all for family, and I loved going out with mine to different clubs and tearing up the dance floor. But if it’s rooted IN the club, it can actually chase away newer clients. I know, I know…it’s a double edged sword. At the same time I was handed a gift card for Latex Station. You have to call that a win for just showing up. I love gift cards, and sponsership is key to running great club events.

The club itself has an awesome layout. The dance area is large, open, and very beautiful. Full use of surrounded scenery, tropical setting, and I’m going to be honest, that’s a big draw to me on it’s own merit. It’s got a great sunset on the water view, and I kept finding myself staring off at the waves and having those 5 second daydreams. Beautiful.

The dances were…ok. Some of them look like revamped old dances from way way back, and some look new….ish… They’re dances. But I’m not really thrilled with what’s there. Definately could use an upgrade and revamp. Not to mention, they don’t blend together well.

The gestures are a little out of hand here. Why people still have some of them I’ll never understand. Party whistle, war horn, and that stupid Ho ho ho crap make me shut my sounds off almost immediately. They were great when they were new. New has wore off…time to put them in that special, “Do not open until after Doomsday.” file. Or, as I like to call it, “Trashcan.”

The DJ, I’m going to give it up to Mr. Vlad Easterwood. He’s got a great voice, the music was clear, and he didn’t voice-over, much. What he did was threaten the crowd with a song if they didn’t get enough people on the board. I do not like voice over, but the DJ was trying to play the crowd. I’m so ping-pong on that one. But, rules are rules, and that earns a big ding. The tunes were made to dance to, and that’s a big plus to me. If you’re dancing…in a club…and people keep playing Pink Floyd, it seems kinda dumb to dance to. Not knocking PF either, dear readers. I love to throw on Dark Side and flick the lights off, surrounded by my fave snacks too. But, when I want to dance, I want dance music. Simple math. But he pulled a set out on short notice, and that’s the sign of a good DJ.

They had one dancer when I came to the club. I’m not really going to cover the dancer much, but there was a decided lack of enthusiasm for her trade. It just didn’t feel like it was really important that she was even here. I think every female in SL has done it at least once if you’ve played longer than a year. You remember right? That moment before you spent cash to get L-Cash? When you were thinking, “Hey, I’ll just get a job…” and you find the one you figure to be the easiest and low and behold it’s not easy in ANY way… But there’s a nuance to it. You want to be flirty, fun, and RELEVANT. Pick those that stray from the herd and pull them into the mix. Get them up to your pole. MAKE them want you, and in turn, want to be THERE. Canned responses and the, “I’d rather be shopping,” mindset does not a great dance make. And I couldn’t help but feel the responses were more forced than flirty.

Conversation was sporadic. The club goers seemed animated in slight waves, then would go back to a silent lull. I did get stared at by a guy, but he didn’t say anything. Fear not readers, I have pepper spray. It’s a risk I’m willing to take for your entertainment.

Don’t get me wrong, the club has potential. It really does. And mind, this is an established club. But it’s like someone really had a dream here, and then near the end of it said, “Meh. I’m gonna farm Meeroo’s,” and gave up.

Everyone’s allowed a bad night I guess. Every club is going to have an off night, and maybe I just hit one of them. But, there’s some real lack here at the GSpot. A few things would help, and a bit more attention to the detail. It’s a good club, but it’ll take a bit more effort to get a good rating unfortunately. For now, not a place I’d recommend going. Maybe I’ll return at some point and see if it’s gotten better, but as of tonight, no thanks.

Sorry GSpot. Didn’t even make me sweat a little. 😦

Score Card:
Greetings: 2 of 5 The host and DJ for an event need to be on time.
Friendliness: 2 of 5 Animate the crowd! Get them excited!
Music: 2 of 5 – DO NOT TALK OVER MUSIC
Atmosphere: 1 of 5 I felt the icy winds of apathy…
Dances: 2 of 5 Update, update, update!
Decoration: 4 of 5
Size of Club: 3 of 5
Overall Experience: 2 of 5. Potential was here! Need to get MOTIVATED!


The Furry Event

No matter the species, everyone was great fun!

Amazingly Friendly

A great club, and a great experience!

Time:4:00 pm 26 July 2012
Event:Furry Event
DJ According to SL Posting:N/A
Host According to SL Posting: Avery
Name of Club: Hustlerz
Music styles: Rock – Mix

Entering into the sim, it was quiet but I showed up a few minutes early and the club was still setting up for the event. As I came into the club, a VERY friendly dancer kissed me hello, which was disconcerting, but I have to give up to friendly on that. It wasn’t vulgar in anyway, so I wasn’t that thrown by it. Still, I’ll be honest it did stun me a bit. I can’t remember going into a club with dancers in a very long time. So, maybe I’m rusty.

The club DJ arrived – Thor Roxley, and started his set with some Concrete Blond. I always like to hear some really good tunes as an event starts, and this was a great way to start off. The people arrived in actually very quick succession, and if I can, it was one of the friendliest crowds I have EVER seen. Not to mention the quick response from dancer and hostess, (Sharowin hosting at the moment,) I’m stunned by the level of inclusion. Everyone here chipper, happy…and the feeling I got here was great.

Gestures were lively, but minimal. Nothing loud and obnoxious, just the type of gestures to pump a crowd or define a character, and for that I was thankful. The screaming HO HO HO is one of the most annoying gestures I’ve heard to date, and for some reason popular. But there wasn’t any of that here. On that, a HUGE win.

Finding the dance balls, easy. Everything was open enough to dance, but spread out enough to find it from everything else. It was big enough to not be overly cluttered, and that’s a huge plus.

The dance area was smallish for a club this size. It’s also recessed into the floor. Plenty of dancer stages and poles, but it needs a bit more room. If you had 15 people in the dance area, I think you’d be animating into each other. I know there’s a mall outside, but that’s the building itself is large enough. Maybe a change to the staircase or something, open it a bit. It would certainly give it room for larger crowds.

The decor was sort of bland. The stages and areas are marble, and with blue and pink neon poles, it seems to be more of an eyesore than a blended club. “If it glows, mute everything around it.”

Most of the clients and staff were sporting surnames. Always a plus, but it gave me confidence that the others would be very well behaved. The one thing that got on my nerves a bit was the VIP tag offered without provocation. I still believe tags promote nothing, but I’m limited on group space as it is. I always keep one…for just such occasions. Take a wild guess as to what happens to it when I leave? Same thing 99% of your club members will do with it. If you want them informed and involved, let me join a subscribe-o-matic. Besides, to shut it off, I have to come back! 😉

Ah well, enough soap boxing. The music choices were great. The music was also clean, and although there was an advert for the mall thrown in, it made it sound more like a radio station. Nothing screaming, nothing horrible, and then RIGHT back to the tunes. That made me smile. No talk overs…clear, concise, and professional.

The dances weren’t all old, nor all new. There is a touch of staleness to some of them, but they’re using the better of the older dances, and a few newer types mixed in for giggles. Didn’t see anything that stood out though.

And the overall sensation I got was a club that is professionally done, professionally run, and professionally maintained. It’s got a feeling of a real and very successful club. With friendly staff, and a great DJ, I feel honestly compelled to return. The feeling is one of welcome enjoyment, if a touch sterile. It’s a solid club, and I’d recommend this club to anyone.

Score Card:
Greetings: 3 of 5
Friendliness: 5 of 5
Music: 3 of 5
Atmosphere: 2 of 5
Dances: 3 of 5
Decoration: 2 of 5
Size of Club: 3 of 5
Contest: NA of 5 – Just wanted to see the club in action.
Overall Experience: 3 of 5.

Again, a few simple changes, and this club would definitely rate a 4 in a blink.

The Player’s Club

Amazing atmosphere

Beautiful layout, and great music

Now THIS is eyecatching.

An overhead view of what I saw when I teleported in.

Time:24 July 2012 5:25

Event:Best in Jeans

DJ According to SL Posting: DJ Britni

Host According to SL  Posting: Markjoe

Name of Club:The Player’s Club

Music styles: Urban Dance

Solo Experience

When first teleporting to the club a few things struck me. 1) VERY cool entryway. I was blown away with all the neat cars out front, and it made an impression on me. 2) It’s HUGE. This club is one of the larger type clubs. 3) ZERO lag. There had to be 11 people and a few hundred scripts running. ZERO lag.

Then…I got a TP while still in the parking lot. I didn’t take it, but the host had sent it so I didn’t have to walk in. Again, I give that one a plus. Gotta love customer service! The host greeted me on entering immediately, and seemed rather attentive. I liked that. It made me feel like I was welcomed to the club, and there’s definitely a great feel to the place.

The club inside is beautiful. I’m a sucker for purple, and this drew my attention in every way possible. My first 3 problems however really dented my experience here.

First it took me awhile to find the dance ball. In the air above the dance floor, there’s 4 ‘sploder balls, the couple dancer, a trivia ball, and of course a dance ball. After trying to decipher which was which with all the neon word spam, it took me a bit. If I haven’t mentioned by now, I really don’t like it when I feel the dances are hidden. It’s irksome, and if I was on a slower system I’d have been really irritated. (Those that know me, know that patience is something I don’t do well.) Secondly, the DJ did something that really bothers me. She talked in the middle of a song…any radio personality will tell you…BIG no-no. And it drives me INSANE to hear that.

Those things however didn’t crash my mood. The club is amazing. The music was great for shakin’ ass to, and I’ve got to hand whoever designed the club really put a lot of care in the decor and feel.

The dances are fresh and feel great. They matched the music very well, and weren’t stale in their movements. Also, they were blended well. Whether intentionally or accidentally I don’t know, but I have to say I liked how they worked together.

DJ Britni was playing tunes that sounded clear and crisp. Her music came through with really high fidelity, and I have to give it to her on having it all blend well. She’s got a great ability as a DJ, just work on the talking parts and I think she’ll be one of SL’s better DJ’s by far.

…and I hate it when I get torn coming to a great club like this. But after tipping the DJ and Host who thanked me immediately, I looked up at the contest board. On it, the Host…

….The prize money is split amongst winners. Seeing the host’s name on there is again a club etiquette no-no. Employees shouldn’t ever be allowed on a club’s board. Period. Off duty or on…it’s in very bad form.

I joined the contest, and expected nothing. Most clubs of this type are usually entrenched with really tight clientel. It’s normal. Clubs gain regulars and that’s sort of the point isn’t it? But when clubs gain a group that always wins contests or when you see obvious cheating, something should be done. I’m just being honest here. But then some clubs are more fun for not having events at all. Ah well, it’ll take someone smarter than me to figure that one out. Perving is always a bit of fun. Sometimes I will see something I like as I cam through, different hair styles or clothing, so I’ve been known to ask if I like something. And I got a vote! YAY! Didn’t win a giant jackpot, but won something! Wild! But at the same time, still not happy with the host being on there.

In total, great club and one that’s been around for awhile. I like the way it’s layout is, as it can accomodate really large groups. (Family sized packs of people…gosh miss those days.) But it’s even got a bit of seating around the edges for folks that aren’t into dancing. (It’s always the tough guys and loner types, but why do they go to clubs anyway? Never did figure that out.)  But, if you get a chance, head out to The Player’s Club! It’s worth it to witness the place, and I think you’ll find an enjoyable experience out of it.

Score Card: Greetings: 3 of 5
Friendliness: 2 of 5 (Very quiet.)
Music: 2 of 5 (Would have been higher except for talking over those tunes!)
Atmosphere:4 of 5
Dances:4 of 5
Decoration:4 of 5
Size of Club:4 of 5
Contest: 1 of 5. (No employees on the board! No no no!) Overall Experience:3 of 5.

A few fine points, and it would have easily been a 4. Keep working on it, Players!